East Mountain Neighborhood Association


8 East Mountain Rd

Waterbury, CT 06706

April, 2011

Attendees: 25

Pledge Of Alligiance was led by Mike Ptak.

State Senator Joan Hartley and Rep. Tony D’ Amelio were the speakers. Ms. Hartley complimented EMNA for our dedicated work. They are in the midst of the hardest legislative session. Unique to Waterbury is that our 5 legislaturers from both parties work together. The budget is the looming problem. In the death penalty issue Ms. Hartley is against it. She has spoken to correction officals and she asked for comparisons of death vs life in prison w/out parole. Life prisoners get visitors, watch tv, recreation, work to earn spending money, and receive gifts.

Ms. Hartley is against state income tax. Mr. D’Amelio states until a new election there are no leaders in Hartford. Ned said that Malloy is negative with state workers to give back on health care.Jodi Rell reopened the subject and made it harder to get health benefits agewise. Government cannot afford government. Can’t pay for healthcare. 100,000 jobs and 10,000 companies were lost in CT due to the recession but no government jobs were lost. In the state government there are 6 employees to 1 supervisor who makes about $100,000 a year. There is fraud in medicare and medicaid. Malloy’s budget is absurd. Unions have a strong hold on the State.

Mike asked Ms. Hartley about road tolls. She said it is under discussion. CT would have to pay the federal govt. They are against tolls. Toll money could only be used on infrastructure. Right now the gas tax is used on roads. Rest areas may be closed to cut maintenance costs. The Federal govt. won’t allow rest areas to be turned into service areas.

Instate tuition for illegal aliens. Children don’t realize they are illegal until they apply for college.

Secretary’s Report:  New neighbors:  Betsy & Rocco Ciarlo of 58 Glenrock Rd.  Marc Topazio of 116 Butternut Ridge Rd. Joan Nickel of 669 Prospect Rd.   Sympathy card sent to Rev. Walter Paplauskas of Rockledge Dr.

Welcome back to the Stere Family. They thanked everyone for their support.

Treasurers Report:       6118.98

-           30.00 membership

-           16.60 postage

-          750.00 scholarship

1000.00  flag flowers

4322.38   balance


Police Report:   East End woman scammed out of $28,000.  Trying to get speed sensors for Westport Dr.  Atvs on area roads.

Ned says scholarship committee will meet in May to discuss candidates.

Campership Fund: donation of $200.00 by Jean, seconded by Donna.

Earth Day is May 14. Meet at parking lot church. Free hotdogs by Frankies

Flowers orderedfor Flower Flag. Planting will be first weekend in June. Will take about two and a half hours.

Flag is up. Was damaged in heavy winds. Jan fixed it and we will order a new one for next year.


Respectfully submitted,

Stacey Kearney